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CBAT "Transient Object Followup Reports"

PSN J06564291+4854103

PSN J06564291+4854103   2012 12 10.75  *  06 56 42.91 +48 54 10.3  16.4 U    7W   4S  P019908   6 9

2012 12 10.75

We discovered this object on Dec.10.75 in the Tsinghua University-NAOC Transient Survey (TNTS), and confirmed it on Dec. 25.70 UT and the magnitude of the object on unfiltered CCD was about 17.5 mag.

2012 12 10.75

We gave the wrong offset of this possible supernova discovered during the THU-NAOC transient survey (TNTS). This new object which should locate at about 7"W and 4"N from the center of the host galaxy.

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